Rings 2011: List of Participants

If you are planning to attend the meeting and do not see your name listed below, please e-mail M. Hedman (mmhedman "at" astro "dot" cornell "dot" edu) to be added to the list. Also, please send us a confirmation message when you are certain you will attend, and alert us if your plans to attend change so that we may keep this list up-to-date.

Person Institution Status

N. Albers U. Colorado Confirmed
K. Baillie University of Central Florida Confirmed
T. Becker University of Central Florida Confirmed
B. Bolin University of Central Florida Confirmed
T. Bradley University of Central Florida Confirmed
S.M. Brooks JPL Confirmed
B.J. Buratti JPL Confirmed
J.A. Burns Cornell University Confirmed
R. Canup SwRI Confirmed
S. Charnoz AIM/U. Paris Diderot/CEA Irfu/CNRS Confirmed
R.N. Clark USGS Confirmed
J. Colwell University of Central Florida Confirmed
J. Cooney University of Central Florida Confirmed
F. Crary SWRI Confirmed
J.N. Cuzzi NASA Ames Confirmed
E. Deau JPL Confirmed
L. Dones SWRI Confirmed
A. Ducey Trinity University Confirmed
R.H. Durisen Indiana University Confirmed
M. Elrod University of Virginia Confirmed
L. Esposito University Colorado Boulder Confirmed
P.R. Estrada SETI Institute Confirmed
M.W. Evans Cornell University Confirmed
Ri. French Wellesley College Confirmed
Ro. French SETI Institute Confirmed
M. Gordon Confirmed
J. Hahn Space Science Institute Confirmed
R. Harbison Cornell University Confirmed
M.M. Hedman Cornell University Confirmed
M. Holmberg Uppsala University Confirmed
G. Jones Trinity University Confirmed
D. Jontof-Hutter University of Maryland Confirmed
S. Kempf MPI- Heidelberg Confirmed
E. Khalisi Confirmed
K. Kumar Confirmed
H. Latter DAMTP Confirmed
M. Lewis Trinity College Confirmed
K. Lonergan Confirmed
E. Marouf U.C. Santa Cruz Confirmed
C. McGhee-French Confirmed
B.K. Meinke University of Colorado Boulder Confirmed
C. Michikoshi National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Confirmed
C. Mitchell CICLOPS Confirmed
C. Murray Queen Mary University London Confirmed
P.D. Nicholson Cornell University Confirmed
K. Ohtsuki Kobe University Confirmed
M. Pan University of California, Berkeley Confirmed
S. Pilorz SETI institute Confirmed
A. Quillen Confirmed
J. Salmon Confirmed
L. Schaffer Fairfield University Confirmed
B. Scharringhausen Beloit College Confirmed
J. Schmidt Univ. Potsdam Confirmed
M.R. Showalter SETI Institute Confirmed
F. Spahn Univ. Potsdam Confirmed
L. Spilker JPL Confirmed
J. Spitale Space Science Institute Confirmed
M. Sremčević U. Colorado Boulder Confirmed
G. Stewart University of Colorado Boulder Confirmed
D. Tamayo Cornell University Confirmed
M.S. Tiscareno Cornell University Confirmed
S. Vahidinia NASA Ames Confirmed
A.D. Whizin Unversity of Central Florida Confirmed
Y. Yasui Kobe University Confirmed