Rings 2011

July 27 to July 29, 2011

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Thanks all for submitting abstracts, the program is now available here .

Poster presentations from this meeting should be no more than 32" wide by 40" tall

Notes on getting from your hotel to the meeting

We have not scheduled any special shuttle services between the hotels and the meeting location, but many hotels in the area have their own courtesy shuttles to and from Cornell. Please inquire with your hotel regarding these services.

Ithaca has a reasonably comprehensive bus service. For example, Routes 10 and 30 provide frequent connections between downtown and Cornell during the day, and Route 90 is available well into the evening. See here for more details.

If you choose to drive from your hotel to the meeting, information on parking is available here. Likely the best option is to get a short-term parking permit ($10/day) from one of the information booths and park in an appropriate parking area. These areas are shown in pink in the map available here. Note the parking map does not show the recently-built Physical Sciences Building, which is next to Clark and Baker Halls.

This workshop will explore the present state of investigations into the structure, composition and dynamics of planetary rings, emphasizing recent results from the Cassini Mission to Saturn as well as current theoretical work and numerical simulations. Recent findings on other planetary ring systems or on connections to protoplanetary disks are also welcome.

The meeting format will combine daily oral sessions with time for splinter meetings and informal discussion. Session topics include ring origins, ring composition and particle size distributions, gravitational over/instablities and accretionary phenomena, dynamics of ring-embedded objects, dusty ring features' interactions with the electromagnetic environment, and comparative studies of various ring/disk systems. A small registration fee (less than $100) will be collected during the meeting.